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We all value a certain style of clothing, and most of us put a good deal of consideration into our appearance, and Teenagers value their specific fashion sense especially. With their peers judging them based on their appearance, some of them feel that they can’t have any details wrong without being criticized by their peers, even though it’s untrue. So, needless to say, fashion statements are very important and a natural part of development for many teens. Teen fashion trends tend to have an influence on the cliques and categories that a teenager will fall into depending on their schools. Usually size and the location of the school impacts how their trends separate them into cliques and how selective that process becomes. This article’s aim is to shed some light on some of those trends. A teenagers fashion sense CAN, (there are many exceptions to this statement) be based on their changing identities. They often go through many trends experimenting with their identities.

Teen Fashion Trends

Western Trends mostly fall under the casual jeans and Tee-shirt style. This is a practical style with a great variety of designs to choose from within this category. The typical T-shirt is loose, with a visual design, and maybe a humorous or witty comment or phrase. As for jeans, a pair of loose blue jeans works fine for the average teenager. Though, they can vary from tight, baggy, black, and beige.  Sometimes, teenagers will want to add to this trend with a button-up shirt or sweater of some kind and create their own teen fashion. These additions often help to make the teenagers statement, add as additional pockets; can be used to help them feel more secure, apart from keeping them warm.

Celebrity Teen Fashion

Celebrity Trends have heavy influence on the trends of that particular time. Teenagers watch the media, and often hold their favorite celebrities as icons in one way or another, and as such they want to follow that particular trend. If you’re curious about what those trends are just turn your to any Hollywood Media show and you’ll likely find the current trends going on. Television isn’t the only media that teenagers follow, the music media also has a big impact on trends and teen fashion. Almost every genre and band carries their own trend. The teenager who follows a trend from the music media usually does so based upon their favorite bands.
Accessories are used to add to a teens look in many ways. Sometimes they use bold accessories with flashy and big earrings and necklaces and piercing, to plain bracelets. The more heavily coated with accessories that a teenager has on, usually means, the more they want to impress or attract the attention of their peers. Though, this doesn’t point out any insecurities all of the time, they could be loved by wealthy parents or proud of having a job and want to make that statement known with their appearance.
Choice isn’t always a luxury for a teenager. There are many parents who can’t afford the clothes that their child wants. So they get hand-me-downs from relatives or cheap stores, and put together just what their parents can afford. Judging a teen, based on his/her clothes can easily lead to wrong assessments due to the lack of choice.


Boys Teen Fashion

Creative Add-ons aren’t very common with most teenagers, but there are those out there that like to add their own personality to their clothes. They will use styling tools, crafts, badges etc. to add their own statement to their shirts and pants and create a new teen fashion. Kids are creative, and as such will be creative when the opportunity is there and available to them. Personalization is a natural part of helping them stand out and feel a bit unique amongst their peers.


There are of course, a great amount of variety when it comes to teen fashion and trends. This article covered the most general and well known trends worn by teenagers. Hopefully, this article has helped add to your store of knowledge regarding the general trend of teen clothing.

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