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Here is another example for personal statement for best law schools

Sandra applied for her dream Law School using this personal statement.


My older sister Kat and I have always been as thick as thieves. The three years she had on me made her the obvious ringleader, but I the tinge of rivalry hidden behind the love and reverence I had for my sister pushed me to be her equal. Kat was good at everything, so I had my work cut out for me. Whether it was in girl scouts, Irish dancing or school work, keeping up with Kat was a full time job, but one I loved.

As we got older, the paths of our lives meandered down separate forks in the road, but we are best friends to this day, and Kat is a big reason I am who I am.

The first time I told my parents I wanted to go to law school; they found it quite unsettling. According to them, a career in law would be difficult for a woman, and that I’d spend my career trying to gain respect in big bad boy’s world. Such were their misplaced notions.
In fact, it is mainly because of these ill-conceived beliefs that the seeds of discrimination have been planted when it comes to women practicing law. According to a recent report published by the National Association of Women Lawyers, there is a sharp decline in the number of women entering into the law profession. Although women are found to perform well during their law school, their overall progression is found to be lacking when compared with their male counterparts. There can be several reasons that could account this disappointing performance.
Practicing law is an all or nothing commitment. It leaves little room for the rest of your life; family and children included. While this isn’t exactly ideal for men, it is even less so for women, especially those who plan to have a family.  Adding to that, the traits that are typically associated with a good lawyer are primarily masculine in nature. Logic, aggression, perseverance, intellectual prowess, though certainly not exclusive to men, are seen as masculine traits, and women possessing them are the exception rather than the rule. As the saying goes, ‘In business, perception is reality’, and these perceptions make becoming a successful female attorney an uphill battle.

I know my decision to pursue law as a career will have consequences; but I am firm in my conviction to become a successful attorney. My sister Kat supports my decision, and has no doubt in my ability to thrive in my chosen field, despite the obstacles. Having the support of my sister is invaluable, and with her behind me, I know I will succeed. She’s even helped convince my parents that I’m making the right choice; which believe me, was no small feat.

When Kat told them she planned to become a across the river in New York City, they nearly had simultaneous heart attacks. That didn’t phase my sister, and apparently, running into burning buildings doesn’t either. She’s not only the sole female at her fire station, but is also the youngest of the squad, yet she’s managed to gain the respect of her colleagues and superiors. If Kat can accomplish that, law school should be a breeze.

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