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Going Solo: Todays Norm?

C. Wright Mills explains that sociological imagination is the ability to see and understand the impact of social factors and changes on individuals' private and public lives. Sociological imagination plays a vital role ...

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The Importance of After School Programs

After School Programs, Do They Matter? Since as long as you could remember you've been wanting to go to the college of your dreams, so you worked hard, studied and got outstanding grades that ...

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Teen Fashion in 2013

We all value a certain style of clothing, and most of us put a good deal of consideration into our appearance, and Teenagers value their specific fashion sense especially. With their peers judging ...

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Scholarships for Women

Scholarships for Women Wanting to Further Their Education

Scholarships for women! Do you Qualify? Years ago there were not many women attending college. Today there are less men and more women attending colleges. Equality among men and women in the work force ...

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Student Loans

Types of Student Loans and Their Pros and Cons

Student loans are a way of life for most aspiring college graduates.  The reality is, higher education is not free.  Professors and university administration do not hand out degrees for free.  On the ...

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Mar 182013

We all value a certain style of clothing, and most of us put a good deal of consideration into our appearance, and Teenagers value their specific fashion sense especially. With their peers judging them based on their appearance, some of them feel that they can’t have any details wrong without being criticized by their peers, even though it’s untrue. So, needless to say, fashion statements are very important and a natural part of development for many teens. Teen fashion trends tend to have an influence on the cliques and categories that a teenager will fall into depending on their schools. Usually size and the location of the school impacts how their trends separate them into cliques and how selective that process becomes. This article’s aim is to shed some light on some of those trends. A teenagers fashion sense CAN, (there are many exceptions to this statement) be based on their changing identities. They often go through many trends experimenting with their identities.

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Mar 042013

Scholarships for women! Do you Qualify?

Years ago there were not many women attending college. Today there are less men and more women attending colleges. Equality among men and women in the work force is still lacking, however. This is why the abundance of scholarships for women is amazing. They provide financial-aid geared towards women from all walks of life and focus on not just making their dream of going to college attainable, but successfully finding employment and keeping it attainable as well. Continue reading »

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Feb 202013


Allana Shared her College Application Essay with us. Her dream was to study biology so she used this personal statement to express her interest and to convince the college admission officer to accept her college application. Check more college application samples here.

To say I was a tomboy growing up would be an understatement. The house I grew up in was on an acre of land full of frogs, snakes, toads and turtles, and I spent my days in pursuit of making them my “pets”. On the weekends my grandfather would take me fishing, and I was equally fascinated with the other aquatic creatures we saw there as I was with catching fish.

A cute little painted turtle named Dimitri was the first real pet I can remember having. I had a one gallon goldfish bowl adorned with pebbles and a rock he could sun himself on through my bedroom window. Later I developed the habit of keeping garter snakes in large cardboard boxes in our basement, a habit my mother was not so fond of, as the boxes hardly proved impenetrable to the slithery reptiles, and doing a load of laundry often entailed a ‘close encounter’ with one of my escaped playmates.

of all kinds were a fascination of mind as far back as I could remember. I had a stack of reference guides in my room covering everything from the snakes of Australia to the blue whale. The more I learned about these amazing creatures, the more my curiosity was piqued. In school, I was always a bit disappointed that my early science classes covered subject matter beyond the creatures I was so fascinated with. Cumulus clouds and tide patterns were interesting, but pale in comparison to the reptiles and sea creatures I was obsessed with.

When I finally got to high school and was able to take a biology class, my whole world changed. Most of the other girls were completely grossed out when we dissected frogs, but I was enthralled with the delicate anatomy we explored, and how it functioned to serve my little green friend before he ‘donated’ his body to science.

There was something I found magical about the intricacies involved in keeping even a simple creature like an earthworm alive and running. The architecture of their internal organs was like mysterious, foreign machinery to me, and I wanted only to understand its inner workings and glimpse at the brilliance ‘behind the curtain’ of life.

As further studies nurtured my interests in biology, I began to see that with this work came not only the ability to study and understand earth’s creatures, but to lobby for their preservation, as well as the preservation of the natural environments that embrace them. That pretty much sealed the deal for me. I had developed a deep love of animals, particularly the lowly reptiles I found so fascinating as a young girl.

A life and a career dedicated to the further understanding of these creatures, and in support of treating them and their habitats with respect is one I will be proud to call my own.  Animals bring magic and mystery into our lives. The more we can understand about these wild, vicious, gentle, magnificent creatures, the more we may be able to understand about ourselves.

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Feb 182013

Here is another example for personal statement for best law schools

Sandra applied for her dream Law School using this personal statement.


My older sister Kat and I have always been as thick as thieves. The three years she had on me made her the obvious ringleader, but I the tinge of rivalry hidden behind the love and reverence I had for my sister pushed me to be her equal. Kat was good at everything, so I had my work cut out for me. Whether it was in girl scouts, Irish dancing or school work, keeping up with Kat was a full time job, but one I loved.

As we got older, the paths of our lives meandered down separate forks in the road, but we are best friends to this day, and Kat is a big reason I am who I am.

The first time I told my parents I wanted to go to law school; they found it quite unsettling. According to them, a career in law would be difficult for a woman, and that I’d spend my career trying to gain respect in big bad boy’s world. Such were their misplaced notions.
In fact, it is mainly because of these ill-conceived beliefs that the seeds of discrimination have been planted when it comes to women practicing law. According to a recent report published by the National Association of Women Lawyers, there is a sharp decline in the number of women entering into the law profession. Although women are found to perform well during their law school, their overall progression is found to be lacking when compared with their male counterparts. There can be several reasons that could account this disappointing performance.
Practicing law is an all or nothing commitment. It leaves little room for the rest of your life; family and children included. While this isn’t exactly ideal for men, it is even less so for women, especially those who plan to have a family.  Adding to that, the traits that are typically associated with a good lawyer are primarily masculine in nature. Logic, aggression, perseverance, intellectual prowess, though certainly not exclusive to men, are seen as masculine traits, and women possessing them are the exception rather than the rule. As the saying goes, ‘In business, perception is reality’, and these perceptions make becoming a successful female attorney an uphill battle.

I know my decision to pursue law as a career will have consequences; but I am firm in my conviction to become a successful attorney. My sister Kat supports my decision, and has no doubt in my ability to thrive in my chosen field, despite the obstacles. Having the support of my sister is invaluable, and with her behind me, I know I will succeed. She’s even helped convince my parents that I’m making the right choice; which believe me, was no small feat.

When Kat told them she planned to become a across the river in New York City, they nearly had simultaneous heart attacks. That didn’t phase my sister, and apparently, running into burning buildings doesn’t either. She’s not only the sole female at her fire station, but is also the youngest of the squad, yet she’s managed to gain the respect of her colleagues and superiors. If Kat can accomplish that, law school should be a breeze.

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Feb 122013


Here is another example for personal statement for best law schools

For a student aiming for the best law schools, writing a personal statement is of great importance. You need your statement to come out compelling, true, and make you stand out from the crowd.

Best Law Schools

Best Law Schools Personal Statement Examples:

Here is a personal statement example of student who was planning on attending one of the best law schools;

Macon Georgia is a small, southern town.  Growing up there as the youngest of four with three older brothers, there was always a certain sense of chaos around our house.  Our entire family lived in the Macon area, and a day never went by when we didn’t have at least one visitor.  Aunts, uncles and cousins used our front door like a turnstile, showing up with food, hand-me-down clothing, and the stories that made up their days.

As far back as I can tell when, there has never been a lawyer in my family.  I come from a long line of farmers, auto mechanics, and nurses.  To tell you the truth, I’m not sure when the seed to go to law school was even planted.  Perhaps it was in watching old Perry Mason reruns with my dad.  Perhaps it’s a reflection of my nature to always want to bring order to chaos.  Regardless of how a random and unpredictable life can be, I am the one who’s always trying to make sense of things and see how they fit into a bigger system.

I am a problem solver at heart, evident in the phrase that my family is always teasing about over-using “OK, let’s get to the bottom of this”.  Most of my family are laid back and rather effortlessly go with the flow of their day to day lives.  Part of me envies the almost Zen qualities they all seem to have inherited from who knows where.  There’s no denying that I’m the most tightly wound of them all, “that’s my boy, out to save the world”, as my mother would say.  I have been an advocate since long before I knew what the word meant.

Though it never made me very popular with my older brothers, I was always quick to point out any perceived injustice being carried out in their interactions with me or each other.  I suppose when I was six this made me a little more than a tattletale.  As I matured, however, I believe that made me more of a mediator.  As a young student, I was fascinated with science, biology in particular.  Learning about and the orderly systems that were at work beneath the surface, and how, at least at the biological level, things appeared to follow an orderly system consoled me on some level.

In high school, while I still enjoyed a love of science, I became more interested in social and political order, or in many cases, the lack thereof.  The inherent lack of fairness I witnessed in the world burned a hole in me.  I felt that somebody should be doing something about it, and I wanted that somebody to be me.  The law is an imperfect system, but it’s the only one we have, and it is within this system that the potential for fairness, order, and basic human dignity lies.

Perhaps the law pales in comparison to the greater laws that govern life from the shadows and beyond.  Perhaps the ideals I cling to are little more than the fantasies of an uptight child.  The fact remains; there are people being treated unfairly, and I’d like to do what I can to help them.


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