Mar 182013

We all value a certain style of clothing, and most of us put a good deal of consideration into our appearance, and Teenagers value their specific fashion sense especially. With their peers judging them based on their appearance, some of them feel that they can’t have any details wrong without being criticized by their peers, even though it’s untrue. So, needless to say, fashion statements are very important and a natural part of development for many teens. Teen fashion trends tend to have an influence on the cliques and categories that a teenager will fall into depending on their schools. Usually size and the location of the school impacts how their trends separate them into cliques and how selective that process becomes. This article’s aim is to shed some light on some of those trends. A teenagers fashion sense CAN, (there are many exceptions to this statement) be based on their changing identities. They often go through many trends experimenting with their identities.

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