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College Essay Examples (1)

Here is one of the  college essay examples that were submitted for college admission by Jane Doe. Her essay was so interesting that we requested to publish it as part of our college essay examples.

When we think of mathematicians, we typically envision guys with pocket protectors and tape holding their glasses against the bridge of their noses. When I tell people that I plan to pursue a career in advanced mathematics, they stand quiet and expressionless for a moment, as if they are pausing for the punch line; unable to believe I am not pulling their chains. I don’t exactly fit the mold.

My love of math is something I can’t really explain, it has been with me as long as I can remember. At 16, when other girls were obsessed with boys and Lady Gaga, my heroes were Hypatia and Emmy Noether. When my friends were complaining about how difficult algebra was, I was excited beyond words about taking calculus the following semester.

The world of higher mathematics, which so many find boring, static and dry, holds a mystical fascination for me. It’s as if it gives us a sneak peak further into the mind of God than any religious teachings ever could. To me, numbers are living expressions of something we’ve only just begun to understand, and that holds the secrets of life close to its bosom, eager for us to discover it.

I know, I sound like a tremendous nerd, and am hesitant to show any of my friends this personal statement for fear of quizzical looks of confusion and pity. No matter, math is my muse and I love the little dance we do together. For those who understand it clearly, the line between math and poetry is blurry, if it exists at all.

Taking geometry is what sealed the deal for me. It is where I first began to look at equations as complex objects with shapes and contours, and formulas as the keys that freed these shapes from their bonds and gave them life. It also allowed me to see the mathematical universe as a representation of all that was visible and hidden to us.

Reading brought my romance with numbers to the level of full blown obsession. No one more seamlessly married science and spirituality than he, and the insights he gleaned from their courtship inspired generations of scientists and mathematicians to keep digging into the crust of human experience that he cracked open for us to explore. Einstein put the soul and humanity into math for me, making it as much of a spiritual calling as it is a career path. Behind his large, penetrating eyes, I saw the mind of a prophet and a poet, and to this day those eyes lure me to come closer, to play in the fields that, to his dismay, so many of us had not the vision to see.

Perhaps it sounds as though I’ve romanticized the study of mathematics, and perhaps I have. Though certainly stimulated by the intellectual side of higher mathematics, to me it will always be much more. I believe that the ineffable waits for us behind the hidden doors of equations we’ve yet to discover, and I, for one, and off to find it.

College Essay Examples


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