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Feb 122013

Physics Major College Admission Essay

Personal Statement Physics Major

Tom Shared his personal statement with us. He used this personal statement to apply for a well known university to pursue his dream in getting a career with his physics major

I have always seen the world as be governed by laws we have yet to really understand. The more science classes I’ve taken, the stringer my convictions regarding this statement are. With science, everything that I learn about what we know of the world reveals more of what we don’t yet know. Despite wondrous advancements and the steady emergence of a high tech world, I feel that we have only just begun to understand some of the wonders of the natural world, and that may be a generous statement.

Gaining knowledge and understanding has never been a linear, cumulative process. As new discoveries are made, previous assumptions that once appeared to be backed by scientific proof are disproven, and old ideas need to be unlearned as new ones are assimilated.

I had very little interest in science as a boy. I developed an early love of reading, and discovered the works of Kurt Vonnegut and Henry Miller years before I could fully appreciate the subtleties of their genius. What books like Slaughterhouse 5 and Tropic of Cancer did give me was a new angle at which to view the world that had seemed so concrete and finite a few short years before.

opened my eyes to possibilities, though clearly of fictional birth in the book, that added strange new dimensions to what we had collectively called reality. The spiritual daydreams Henry Miller detailed as occurring under the most unlikely circumstances followed in kind.

Maybe everything we think we know about the world could fit on the head of a pin, and be discarded just as easily as the pin could. Perhaps all of our current knowledge would have to crumble to dust before we could catch a glimpse of the ineffable and peer into the eyes of God.

These mysteries intrigued me, and though their implications were far over the head of the boy I was at 13, they went on to shape the man I have become and planted the seeds that have sprouted into a life of curiosity and wonder. Later in high school, in my physics class of all places, the path that started with inspiration from literary geniuses took a sharp turn into the world of science.

I was enthralled by the concepts of physics, both from an intellectual and spiritual point of view. Physics peered deeply into the same deep black abyss that Vonnegut and Miller led me to as a boy, and the mysterious world of animated objects took on yet another layer of complexity. Like literature, physics appealed to both my curiosity concerning the physical world and my yearning to catch a glimpse of the spiritual reality that manipulated it as if with a pair of cosmic puppet strings.

I remembered what Einstein had said about science being crude and limiting, but that is was all we had to begin unraveling the mysteries our lives were cloaked in (to paraphrase). For me, physics holds the keys to many of those mysteries, and the chance to unlock just one of them is enough for me.


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Mar 202012



John Smith dream was to get accepted in one of the best law schools in Colorado. He wrote his personal statement and submitted it with his other admission documents. He shared as a personal statement example.


Best Law Schools

Best Law Schools

Best Law Schools Personal Statement Examples:

Growing up, I was always just a joke. I played every sport from basketball to wrestling; and everything else in my life came in a distant second to being an athlete. Something about the poise and power being an athlete required resonated with me. I’ve had a competitive streak from day one, my parents tell me. At the ripe old age of five, I had my mother time me with a stopwatch to see how fast I could make my bed, and I was always trying to beat my best time.

During my sophomore year in high school, though still an avid athlete, I found myself equally drawn to academic achievement. I was a good athlete, but I knew I wasn’t going to the NBA, so I placed all of my competitive drive into school (well, maybe not all of it). I was drawn to the study of law by my older cousin Jeff, who just got his B.S. and is starting law school in the fall. Jeff was also an athlete, and I looked up to him when we were kids. He helped me get better in my chosen sports, and was just an all around good cousin.

The appeal of practicing law for me is very similar to the appeal athletics had for me when I was younger. Law is very competitive, and requires the same drive, commitment, and perseverance that becoming a great athlete does. Sometimes your opponents won’t play by the rules, but you have to find a way to beat them anyway.

The study of law is not just about ego for me, though. I also see it as an opportunity to do some good in the community. I’ve heard all the lawyer jokes, and I’m not naïve about what really goes on, but I don’t think you have to be an unscrupulous opportunist to be a good lawyer. I think there is some good work to be done within the confines of the law, and with the intention of actually helping people other than myself. Deserving people, not just rich CEOs trying to get away with milking the public for their own benefit.

Once I finish law school, I see myself staying right here in Colorado Springs and putting my skills to use to help make this a better place. I plan to practice family law; and though it may not be the most lucrative choice, it will allow me to feel good about what I’m doing everyday, which is a better feeling than just having a bank account balance with lots of zeroes on it.

Maybe I’m young and idealistic, by I think it’s up to us as individuals to make the world we live in a little better. I think it’s up to us to make choices in life that benefit others as well as ourselves. In spite of the stereotypes, I believe the law is a tool that can be used to these ends, and look forward to my education and career in this field.
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Mar 062012

College Essay Examples (1)

Here is one of the  college essay examples that were submitted for college admission by Jane Doe. Her essay was so interesting that we requested to publish it as part of our college essay examples.

When we think of mathematicians, we typically envision guys with pocket protectors and tape holding their glasses against the bridge of their noses. When I tell people that I plan to pursue a career in advanced mathematics, they stand quiet and expressionless for a moment, as if they are pausing for the punch line; unable to believe I am not pulling their chains. I don’t exactly fit the mold.

My love of math is something I can’t really explain, it has been with me as long as I can remember. At 16, when other girls were obsessed with boys and Lady Gaga, my heroes were Hypatia and Emmy Noether. When my friends were complaining about how difficult algebra was, I was excited beyond words about taking calculus the following semester.

The world of higher mathematics, which so many find boring, static and dry, holds a mystical fascination for me. It’s as if it gives us a sneak peak further into the mind of God than any religious teachings ever could. To me, numbers are living expressions of something we’ve only just begun to understand, and that holds the secrets of life close to its bosom, eager for us to discover it.

I know, I sound like a tremendous nerd, and am hesitant to show any of my friends this personal statement for fear of quizzical looks of confusion and pity. No matter, math is my muse and I love the little dance we do together. For those who understand it clearly, the line between math and poetry is blurry, if it exists at all.

Taking geometry is what sealed the deal for me. It is where I first began to look at equations as complex objects with shapes and contours, and formulas as the keys that freed these shapes from their bonds and gave them life. It also allowed me to see the mathematical universe as a representation of all that was visible and hidden to us.

Reading brought my romance with numbers to the level of full blown obsession. No one more seamlessly married science and spirituality than he, and the insights he gleaned from their courtship inspired generations of scientists and mathematicians to keep digging into the crust of human experience that he cracked open for us to explore. Einstein put the soul and humanity into math for me, making it as much of a spiritual calling as it is a career path. Behind his large, penetrating eyes, I saw the mind of a prophet and a poet, and to this day those eyes lure me to come closer, to play in the fields that, to his dismay, so many of us had not the vision to see.

Perhaps it sounds as though I’ve romanticized the study of mathematics, and perhaps I have. Though certainly stimulated by the intellectual side of higher mathematics, to me it will always be much more. I believe that the ineffable waits for us behind the hidden doors of equations we’ve yet to discover, and I, for one, and off to find it.

College Essay Examples


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