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College Admission Examples
Getting into a university is the priority for millions of students worldwide. Every year, thousands of students apply to the university of their dreams, hoping to get into them. But think from the admission officer’s point of view; imagine you had to go through thousands of application forms everyday from excellent, top scoring students, and you had to shortlist them to a handful of students to be accepted. You would start by shortlisting them according to the ones that have got top grades consistently, but then what happens when you are left with all the top scorers and you have to sort even further? This is when the Supporting or Personal statement comes into play. This statement is an opportunity for you to show you personality, your attitude and why/how you would contribute to the school. A good personal statement is not a page or two long, instead it should be short and should highlight all your achievements. In this supporting statement, you also have a chance to show off your other skills and talents; things that do not necessarily relate to the field you have chosen but in a way would help you in it. Below is an example of a Supporting statement for an undergraduate in Business Administration.

Supporting Statement
Business is an aspect of each one of our lives whether we realize it or not. We are all a part of the never ending cycle of shopping, buying, selling, promoting, discounting in some way or the other. Ever since I entered my first Introduction to Business studies class in Year 8, I knew that I wanted to study Business as my major since it is a subject that can groom me to establish the building blocks required to have good decision making skills and leadership qualities. My interest grew further when later in my school year I also had the opportunity  to learn management and communication skills through studying Business Studies at AS level and during that time I was given the assignment to present a variety of presentations to my peers explaining the different aspects of Business.

As a person i like to lead and drive to be a self-sufficient individual, who would like to explore the world with its opportunities and challenges. In my pursuit towards educational excellence I enrolled myself in several courses offered by Ivy League universities and other top colleges through Coursera.org that are related to business studies. Hence it is my desire to be part of your undergraduate business program that would guarantee me a top class education and would further my chances in the evolving world of business and commerce. I am interested in specializing in management or launch myself as an entrepreneur for which your program will be my launch pad. In the future, I aim to pursue an MBA after completing my BA , by then i would have my thoughts more organized on where my career should begin.

Apart from Business studies, I enjoy doing art, writing and photography. I was shortlisted as a participant for the Cannes advertising festival at my country’s level and I have also volunteered for community service at my local school for special needs.

Prom Dresses 2013 Tips

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May 102013

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Apr 212013
After School Programs

After School Programs, Do They Matter?

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Apr 202013
Student Loans

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Going Solo: Todays Norm?

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Apr 062013

C. Wright Mills explains that sociological imagination is the ability to see and understand the impact of social factors and changes on individuals’ private and public lives. Sociological imagination plays a vital role in the life of a sociologist as, only when we have the ability to look beyond our lives and view the world with a different perspective, do we have the power to escape or destroy our traps. Continue reading »